Edward Francis Arab

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Early years

Edward Arab, and his Aunt Rose (Beaton Institute) - JPG 78 kb
Arab family photo, Edward, Rose, Annie and Arthur Arab (Beaton Institute) – JPG 1.7 MB
Arab family photo, Arthur, Edward and Annie Arab (Beaton Institute) – JPG 181 KB
1921 Census entry for Arab family. (Library & Archives Canada) – JPG 2 MB


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Barrister's Society Roll containing Edward Arab's admission to the bar (NS Archives) – JPG 5.7 MB
Article mentioning Edward Arab on debating team (Dalhousie Archives) – PDF 7.5 MB


Military Service

Libraries and Archives Canada, Service Files of the Second World War, file of Lt. Edward Arab


Nova Scotia Public Libraries Resource List for Heritage Day 2021

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Edward Arab was the first President of the Canadian Lebanese Society.

First Meeting of Canadian Lebanon Society. Nov. 13/1938 – 3:00 p.m.
“The meeting was opened by Chairman Eddie F. Arab who declared previous vote regarding the name of the Society unconstitutional. Mr. Arab proposed changing the name to Canadian Lebanon Society and outlined his reasons for same. Discussion followed – it was decided by the chairman to put the matter to vote. The name “Canadian Lebanon Society” was voted to be the name of the organization. Mr. Edward Arab outlined the Constitution in English and Mr. Peter Laba in Arabic. The outline of the Constitution was motioned to be passed by Mr. Joseph Laba and seconded by Mr. Wilfred Abraham. Motion passed. Mr. Edward F. Arab was nominated president on motion by Mr. Peter Laba, seconded by Wilfred Abraham – passed.”

When a west-end street was named after Edward Arab

City of Halifax. Minutes of City Council. 1949

The Halifax City Council minutes concerning the naming of Edward Arab Ave. - PDF on Halifax.ca

Feb. 1, 1949. 9. Report – Naming of Streets – New Westmount Subdivision.

  • Names of two more Halifax young men who were killed in action in World War Two were submitted in connection with the naming of various streets in the New Westmount Subdivision. The names submitted were:
    • Edward Arab Avenue
    • George Dauphine Avenue
  • On motion of Alderman Doyle, seconded by Alderman Sullivan, the Committee decided to recommend these names to Council for approval.” (p. 8695)

Feb. 3, 1949

  • “The Committee on Works, meeting on February first, instant, gave consideration to the naming of streets in the New Westmount Subdivision. The following names were considered and it was agreed to recommend them to Council for approval: Edward Arab Avenue, George Dauphinee Avenue.” (p. 55)
  • “Moved by Alderman Kitz, seconded by Alderman Doyle that the reports be approved. Motion passed” (p. 55)