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Mi’kmaq - Library Resource List

The Mi'kmaq are the founding people of Nova Scotia and remain the predominant Aboriginal group within the province. The Mi'kmaw nation has existed in what is now Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, parts of New Brunswick, and Quebec for thousands of years. Nova Scotia is made up of thirteen Bands/First Nations, each of which is governed by a Chief and Council. Numerous First Nation-run organizations serve the diverse needs of Aboriginal people in Nova Scotia. For additional information visit: http://novascotia.ca/abor/aboriginal-people/

Public Library Resources

The list of materials below, including books, videos and other resources, are available through public libraries across Nova Scotia. Please consult your local public library for further resources that are available.


The language of this land, Mi'kma'ki / [Trudy Sable and Bernie Francis].

An exploration of Mi'kmaw world view as expressed in language, legends, song and dance.


The Mi'kmaq anthology / editors, Rita Joe and Lesley Choyce. Porters Lake, N.S.: Pottersfield Press, 1997.

A varied and spiritual collection of work by the Mi'kmaq writers of Atlantic Canada, includes short stories, poetry, and personal essays.


Living treaties: narrating Mi'kmaw treaty relations / Marie Battiste, editor. Nimbus, 2016.

Aims to reveal another side of the treaties and their histories, focusing on stories from contemporary perspectives, both Mi'kmaw and their non-Mi'kmaw allies.


Song of Rita Joe: autobiography of a Mi'kmaq poet / Rita Joe; with the assistance of Lynn Henry. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Ragweed Press, c1996.

Rita Joe is one of the best-known native writers. Born in Nova Scotia, where she lived on the Eskasoni Reserve in Cape Breton.


My Mi'kmaq mother Nkij / Julie Pellissier-Lush.


Children & Youth

The Mi'kmaq / Christine Webster. Weigl Educational, c2008. Series: Canadian Aboriginal art and culture

Provides information on the Mi'kmaq Indians with a focus on their homes, communities, clothing, food, religion, and more.


Mi'kmaq / Christine Webster. Weigl, c2010. Series: Aboriginal peoples of Canada

Introduces the traditional way of life of the Mi'kmaq.


L'nuk: the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada / Theresa Meuse-Dallien. Nimbus 2016.

Traces the incredible lineage of today’s Mi’kmaq people, sharing the fascinating details behind their customs, traditions, and history.


Niniskamijinaqik = Ancestral images: the Mi'kmaq in art and photography / Ruth Holmes Whitehead. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Nimbus Publishing, 2015.

Provides a glimpse into the lives of the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada.


The sharing circle: stories about First Nations culture / text, Theresa Meuse-Dallien ; illustrations, Arthur Stevens.

Includes seven children's stories about First Nations culture and spirituality practices, explores First Nations cultural practices and teach children about Mi'kmaq beliefs and heritage.


Loon Rock = Pkwimu Wkuntem / Maxine Trottier; illustrated by Dozay Christmas; translated by Helen Sylliboy.

The story of a loon and a young Mi'kmaq boy written in English and Mi'kmaq.


Mi’kmaq Legends & Stories

Muin and the seven bird hunters: a Mi'kmaw night sky story / Lillian Marshall ... [et al.]; illustrations by Kristy Read and Sana Kavanagh. Sydney, N.S.: Cape Breton University Press, 2010.

A very old Mi’kmaw legend, the story of Muin and the Seven Bird Hunters move around Tatapn, the North Star.


The Thundermaker / written and illustrated by Alan Syliboy. Halifax, NS: Nimbus Pulishing, 2015.

A young Mi'kmaw boy, Little Thunder, learns the importance of responsibility as his father teaches him, and then passes on, the role of Thundermaker.


Stories from the Six Worlds: Mi'kmaw legends / Ruth Holmes Whitehead. Halifax, N.S.: Nimbus, c2013.

A collection of twenty-nine stories.


Six Mi’kmaq stories / retold by Ruth Holmes Whitehead, illustrated by Harold McGee. Halifax, N.S.: Nova Scotia Museum, 1989.

Stories that offer a rare and valuable insight into the powerful relationship between the Mi'kmaq and the often-surprising world in which they lived.


Red earth: tales of the Mi'kmaq: with an introduction to the customs and beliefs of the Mi'kmaq / by Marion Robertson. Halifax, N.S.: Nova Scotia Museum, c1969.

Provides insight into the customs and beliefs of the Mi'kmaq through traditional tales.



Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs – video collection



The Journey & Spirit of the Mi'kmaq



Mi'kmaq of NS Nationhood Proclamation



Online Resources

Map of First Nations in Nova Scotia – Mi’kmaq First Nations



The Canadian Encyclopedia: Mi'kmaq



Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide – Nova Scotia Archives



The Mi'kmaq – Nova Scotia Museum Educational Kits



Peace and Friendship Treaties – Nova Scotia Archives



Ta’n Weji-sqalia’tiek: Mi’kmaw Place Names Digital Atlas and Web Site



Links for Teachers and Students – Nova Scotia Office of Aboriginal Affairs



Treaties in Canada Education Guide



Mi'gmaq/Mi’kmaq Talking Dictionary


The talking dictionary project is developing a 6000+ word Internet resource for the Mi'gmaq/Mi'kmaq language.


Begin Researching Your Mi’kmaq Ancestry



Millbrook First Nation Cultural and Heritage Centre



The Mi’kmaq: Selected Articles from Halifax Public Libraries



Mi’kmaq Portraits Collection



Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs George Creed Tracings Collection



The Queens Country Museum Mi’kmaq culture and heritage exhibit



First Fishers – The Story of the Mi’kmaq Fishery:

First Fishers Exhibit – Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic



Learning with Objects: Teacher Resource – NS Museums



Further Resources

Nova Scotia Public Libraries


Nova Scotia Archives


Nova Scotia Museum


Mi'kmaq History Month


Treaty Day, (October 1st) marks the beginning of Mi'kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia, its purpose is to promote public awareness about the Mi'kmaw culture and heritage for all citizens of Nova Scotia.